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Arriving in Adelaide, South Australia, in 2010, after growing up in the Northern Territory, I first gained my Editing Techniques qualification through Adelaide College of the Arts in 2012.

I have since proofread and edited numerous manuscripts, including a PhD thesis (sociology), two Bachelor theses (sociology and bio-mechanics) and various other works. Most recently, I have edited and proofread a novella and two short stories by author Kristian J Michael: The Harvester;The Hangman; and Gretchen-Jane’s Moon. I have also participated in pro bono work with Diabetes Counselling Online and The Weekend Australian.

I am a member of the Institute of Professional Editors, and my ultimate aim is to become an Accredited Editor (AE).

Additionally, I am becoming increasingly involved in the SA disability community, contributing to local newsletters, participating in leadership courses and community events, and in September 2015, I began a role facilitating the Disabled Writers Group at the SA Writers Centre.

I can help you with:

Bridgett McDonald: The Able Editor
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  • Address: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Fiction Editing
  • Non-Fiction Editing
  • Thesis Editing – All Levels
  • Biography/Memoir Editing
  • Children’s Book Editing
  • Short Story Editing
  • Letters & CV Editing
  • Blog Editing
  • PowerPoint Presentations Spell Checking
  • Document Formatting
  • Comments Throughout Manuscripts

and more!

I offer everything from proof reading to line, structural and copy editing, including follow-up reviews as needed. If you want the best result from your writing, I am able to deliver!

service levels

Structural Editing

Also called developmental, big-picture or substantive editing, this addresses the structure of a book —whether it flows, whether some sections are awkward or jarring, and whether the piece leads to its conclusion in a logical and smooth way. Can require moving large chunks of text around and possibly cutting some sections as well. While an editor can help with this level of editing, it can often be beneficial to the author to get assistance addressing structural issues before the manuscript is completed. This could be a job for beta readers.

Line Editing

Also called stylistic or paragraph editing, this involves checking for flow of your manuscript and clarity of the writing. This type of editing takes note of sentence length consistency, suitability for the target audience, appropriate use of language such as jargon and vocabulary, and checking that the flow from one paragraph to the next is maintained. A stylistic edit can help you develop the flow and rhythm of your piece.


Copyediting addresses grammar, word style choices, language (i.e. deciding which spelling style will be used, such as American or British English), and content inconsistencies, e.g. all names and places are consistently spelled, any descriptions remain consistent, and any anachronisms within a story are addressed. This is an important step to undertake near the end of the revision phase, as some inconsistencies (brought about by ‘fixing’ errors earlier in the process) may not have been picked up in previous drafts.

Word-Level Edit

Also called proofreading. This addresses the final, smaller details of a book’s publication. Proofreading ensures that the words on the page are completely correct – no repeated words, spelling and punctuation are appropriate – and formatting issues that may arise when your book is in its final publishable copy. This may involve viewing the final copy on an e-reader if it will be an eBook, or in a PDF if it will be printed.

Document Formatting

In addition to the above services, I also offer my skills in document formatting and production. This includes maintaining consistency of all page numbers, headers, footers, page styles, table of contents, and some reference formatting assistance.

  • Bridgett was recommended to me by a friend and I could not be happier that I chose her as the proof reader/editor for my Honours thesis. Not only was Bridgett extremely professional throughout the entire process, her ability to pick up errors that I had overlooked and extremely clear and concise change suggestions contributed to my receiving first class Honours. I have quite confidently already started recommending her to other students and will continue to do so 🙂

  • Bridgett was a wonderful person to work with for my recent book project. Fast, efficient and easy to understand. She was able to grasp all of the usual editing requirements, including format, layout and even made suggestions about some of the ideas presented within the text. She gave me an easy to work with edited document, and her communication to check in with me during the editing period was wonderful. I will most definitely use her again for my next book!

  • Before contacting Bridgett, I depended on my own proof reading capabilities, which could have risked the possibility of creating unprofessional-looking errors. Bridgett’s professionalism helped us to communicate our message in the clearest possible way to clients, in a concise and correct manner. No longer do I hesitate when submitting a business document for distribution.

  • I worked with Bridgett on my fiction novel, The Harvester, and she impressed me with her editing expertise. Bridgett line-edited my writing and also offered valuable suggestions for content editing which improved my story and ensured it was of publishable standard. Best of all, Bridgett’s editing allowed my ‘author voice’ to shine through – she just polished and improved it! I am looking forward to working with Bridgett on my next novel, An Abnormal Woman.

  • Simone Marangon

    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Student, University of South Australia, Adelaide
  • Helen Edwards

    Author - Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home: Create a Sustainable Home You Love
  • Tracy-Anne Cope

    BMC Visual Designs
  • Kristian J Michael

    Author, The Harvester
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